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....A fusion of dancehall, reggae, hip-hop, and pop....
Pepper first caught the eye of Volcom Entertainment, who produced the band's first release "Give'n It". When the song was distributed it became a success which ensured Pepper a spot in the Van's Warped Tour 2001.

In March of 2002, Pepper released they're second album "Kona Town". This album was created with a new sound, leaning more towards reggae and other island music. Since the release have been touring with bands like: 311, Slightly Stoopid, The Wailors, Jagermeister Tour, and No Doubt. Rolled through 2003 and 2004 with the release of "In with the Old" and then just recently in March of 2007 the release of "To Da Max".



Bradley Nowell- guitar, vocals
Eric Wilson- bass
Bud Gaugh- drums
Sublime's first appearance was in 1988 but in 1992 was when they first teamed up with Skunk Records to record the memorable "40 oz to Freedom". This CD sold over 30,000 units and was still at the top of the charts two years after its release. "Robin the Hood" sold over 2,000 units in two weeks.
Both CDs were recorded for under $10,000, and had around twenty tracks.

Sublime is said to not just be a band but a direct representation of the Long Beach culture and adolesence. Since 1989 the band has recruited many die-hard fans and spread their unique sound all accross America. However before the band really got the fame they had right to frontman, Bradley, died of a tragic heroin overdose. Bradley died in May 1996, and in April 1997 Sublime released the album that took their band to Billboards Top 20 with single "What I Got". They began to produce chart topping songs left and right and record sales sky rocketed. This album sold over 20,000 million and Sublume began to average the sale of 40,000 records a week.


Bob  Marley
Bob Marley & the Wailors
Bob Marley
Bunny Livingston
Peter McIntosh
Junior Braithwaite
Beverley Kelso
Cherry Smith
The Wailors origanlly formed in 1963 as a ska, reggae, and rock group called "The Teenagers". Since, the group has changed their name three times: "The Wailing Rudeboys", "The Wailing Wailors", and finally to "The Wailors". Braithewaite, Kelso, and Smith all left the band by 1966 leaving Marley, Livingston, and McIntosh.
In 1964 they produced their single "Simmer Down" in Studio One. This song became a number one hit in Jamaica followed by "400 Years" and "Soul Rebel". These songs dubbed them the hottest band in the country.
Marley later joined up to record with Lee "Scratch" Perry. This lasted a little less then a year but was considered some of the Wailors finest , most popular works. Lee and Marley split over recording rights but still have remained friends.
Shortly after releasing their two albums,as seen below, the Wailors split. They all took seperate musical carrers. Marley took on a new group which he still dubbed "The Wailors". 1975 Marley released "No Women, No Cry" and it became known as his first international breakthrough. Marley continued on to lead a successful career, when he traveled to London and recorded two more hit albums. He also was well known for many of the political concerts he performed such as "One Love Peace Concert".

Albums of Marley's Works:
"Catch a Fire" released in 1973
"Bummin" released in 1974 and included: "Get Up, Stand Up" and Eric Clapton's cover "I Shot the Sherriff"
"Exodus" released in 1975 and included: "Waiting in Vain", "One Love", and "Jamming"
"Kaya" released in 1975
"Survival" released in 1979 and included:"Africa Unite" and "Wake Up and Live"
"Uprising" released in 1980 and included: "Redemption Song"
"Confrontation" released in 1983 and included: "Buffalo Soldier"