Personal Development and the Study of Leadership

  • This course encourages students to dream big, lead themselves well, and add value to others while navigating our complex culture. Our focus will be on individual personal growth, challenging students to close the gap between who they are and who they want to be. Students will explore timeless principles necessary for true leadership and discover what inspires people to lead lives of significance. With the use of books, guest speakers and videos to support students’ character development, the class will be heavy on discussion, reflection and in-class activities. In short, The Leadership Class will be fun, informative, and personally relevant. Students will be challenged to “explore their WHY,” constantly reflect, and immediately apply what they learn to their daily lives.



  • You will select a personal growth/Leadership book to read during your first quarter in the class. The "application" project will be due on the 3rd Friday of October. Enjoy!


    You will prepare a 7 minute movie reflection (from our list) to present to your classmates each quarter. Due dates to be announced. Happy viewing. 


    See links below for grading criteria for both projects.

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Areas of Interest

Video of the Week

Lesson Plans

  • 1/21

    Shake Hands Intro (practice it)

    TOD/JOD (Discuss)

    Journal Question: Why did you take this class?

    Assign: Buy a medium-sized notebook (journal)

    Kahoot: Why did you take this class?

    Video: What If...

    Activity: Introduction Line (hallway)

    ABC Brainstorming: Character and leadership traits

    Activity: 16 Trait Bracket

                 Partner up and compare


    REMIND Codes

             Remind Question: What are your impressions of the class thus far?


    1/23 *SUB*

    TOD/JOD (Discuss)

    JOD: What virtue do you want more of in your life?

    Handout Role Models Books 

                Sign out sheet

    Read: Coach K Ch. 17

    Test: Coach K

    Video: This Is Why You Don't Succeed  Simon Sinek (Millenials)  

    Assign: Ethical Dilemma/Weekly Assignment 



    Shake Hands Intro (again)


    JOD: If you could pick only one word to describe who you hope to be in the future, what would it be and why?

    PowerPoint: Why teach leadership/ (SB presentation)

    REMIND Codes (again)

    Video: Who do you want to be? (Will Smith) 0:00 - 2:22

    Activity: Two appointments -- 1. Discuss bracket and  2. How do you want to live?




    Journal Question: What is "servant leadership?" 

    PowerPoint: A New Kind of Leader (1st 4 styles)

    Discuss: Expectations and syllabus

                 Semester Book & Movie Reflection 

                 Discuss possibilities  

    Habitudes: The Iceberg  

             Discussion: Iceberg questions 

                              Undesirable discipline challenge

                              Abbey quote 




    JOD: What is meant by "Failure Immunity?"

    Entry Quiz: 1. Reflect on the TOD from last time and 2. what is servant leadership?

    Grading procedures and requirements 

           Go through website

           Read class description

    Assign: Semester Book & Movie Reflection #1 (Due 9/17)

               Discuss possibilities 

    Assign: Pick a book and a movie from the list

    PowerPoint: A New Kind of Leader (Remaining slides) 

    Assign: Read 15 minutes a day




    Journal Entry: If you had no limitations, what would you like to do?

    Video: Servant Leadership (3:10 minutes)

    Handout: Movie Reflection Criteria

    Video: Why You Need to Fail  

    Assign: Role Model Text: Booker T. Washington    




    Journal Entry: 1) If you knew you could not fail, what would you attempt?

    Discuss: Booker T.

    Test: Booker T. Washington 

    Discuss: 168

    Google Classroom: What do you do in your spare time?

    Video of the day: 4 Best Things Do in your Free Time  

    Video: The Master Procrastinator 

    Assign: 4 day Time Tracker (due on Monday) 




    Journal Question: If finances were not an issue, what would you be doing with your life? 

    Turn in: Rewirement paper & 4 day time tracker

    Start: Movie Presentations

    Discuss: Daily planner, to-do list, calendars 

    Assign: Buy poster board & Start looking for inspirational images

    Posters are due on 9/24 




    Journal Question/Lecture: 6 things that determine who you are in 5 years: 

    Posters are due on 9/24 

    Movie presentations 

    Read aloud: The Magic of Thinking Big p. 252-255

    Handout: SMART Goal setting

    Video: Smart Goal Setting




    Posters are due**

    Journal Question: Name 3 things you'd like to change about how you live.

    Video: How NOT to Set Goals (D.U.M.B. goals) 

    Maxwell Introduction paragraph (15 Laws book) p. xiv

    Finish: Movie presentations

    Assign: Dream Sheet 




    Journal Question: Name 5 things you do really well. 

    Discuss: Dream Sheet

    Movie Presentations

    Habitudes Questions: The Golden Buddha

    Play: Salad Bowl 

    Video: The problem with "Fine"   (The 5 Second Rule)

               Start at the 16 minute mark

    Read: Oprah




    Journal Question: If you could pick only one word to describe yourself, what would it be and why? 

    Discuss and Test: Oprah

                              NB Quiz

    Movie Segments: Rudy 

             Assign: Movie Questions




    Journal Question: Where do you get your identity from?

    Guest Speaker: Mr. Ted Adams

    Hand back papers...   




    Journal Question: When is it OK to quit?

    Read: Mattie Stepanik 

    Movie: Rudy



    Journal Question: List in order your character strengths 1-24

    Partner discussion: Comparison to your original top 10 list  

    Hand back papers...  

    Lab:  Measure your character strengths  

    Test: Mattie Stepanik


    Habitudes Video: Life Sentence

                             Handout and discuss 

    Worksheet: Use of your signature strengths 


    10/10 *SUB*


    Journal Question: What is the most valuable thing you possess, and why is it so valuable to you?

    Finish: Rudy 

    Habitudes Video: Fun House Mirror

                             Handout and discuss 

    Read: Semester book  




    Journal Question: What is your "why?

    Video: Simon Sinek - Trust

    Video of the Day: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness

    (Finish Rudy)  Discuss 

    Activity: Take a stand!

    Video: How to write a mission statement that doesn't suck

    Video: How to write a mission statement  

    Activity: Class Mission Statement

                 Large Discussion

    Habitudes video: The Waldorf Principle




    Journal Entry: What do I want people to line up to thank me for at the end of my life? 

    Lab:  (Do both!)    PERMA Profiler and Authentic Happiness Inventory (Measure your Baseline Happiness)

    Read: Semester book and work on paper

                                          DUE: 10/24

    Read: Mission statement handout

    Worksheet: Finalize class vision statement

    Assign: Personal Mission Statement  




    Journal Entry:  What was the most challenging life experience you have had to overcome?

                          What did you do to persevere through this experience?   

    Assign: Ethical Dilemna (Epitaph Exercise) 

    YouTube: Portlandia 

    The American in the Mirror Segment 1  (8 min)


    Read: Captain Sulley

    **Book Reflections are due next time! 




    **Book Reflections are due** 

    Journal Question: The 7 "WHY" questions.

                              Pick something you really want to do or be and ask "why?"

                Interview 3 people about their why. 

    Activity: Ethical Dilemma (integrity-Coach scenario) 


    Video: Build your inner coach  0:00 - 11:35    




    JOD: What are some negative words or phrases you say to yourself? Now, what words or phrases would be much better to say?

    YouTube video: Kronk's shoulder angel

    Handout: Time Planner

    Video: Trailer for "Sully"

    Test: Captain Sully

    Video: Build your inner coach  11:35-end

    Habitudes Video: Personal laptop  


    10/30 (80 min)


    Journal Question: Top 10 areas of time use

    Video: Destinations vs Goals (Jay Bilas)  

    Habitudes Handout: The Starving Baker

                                  Personal laptop

    Video: Surviving the Cut (Ranger School - 1st 3 days)                       




    Journal Activity: List "dating rules" your parents have for you and ones you will have for your kids.

    Discuss: Dating trends 

    Personal Thank you cards

    Read: Nancy Reagan




    Journal Entry: What does this mean?

                        "Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action."  --Peter Drucker

    The American in the Mirror videos: Remaining segments

    Lecture: You in 5 Years (Lusko)  

    Present: The Miracle Morning

                 PEAK Victory Time

                 Mini-Habits concept

    Test: Nancy Reagan/Sustaining long term relationships




    Journal entry: List 4 things great leaders do:

    Take  ____________     Lead  _____________

    Reject  ___________     Invest  ____________

    Assign: 2nd QTR book and 2nd QTR movie

    Video: Mix Tape (synopsis)

    The 5 Love Languages    

    Character Movie: A Walk to Remember 




    Journal question: What is the difference between a boss and a leader?

    Demo: The one-dollar bill

    Handout: Boss vs Leader

    Character Movie: A Walk to Remember 

    Read: Pat Tillman

    Assign: Give it Up Reflection  




    JOD: What's the difference between a thermostat and a thermometer? How could the difference relate to you as a leader? 

    Habitudes Handout: Thermostats and Thermometers 

    Read/Test: Pat Tillman

    Finish: Character Movie: A Walk to Remember 

               Movie Questions are due

    Give it up reflections are due next time. 




    JOD: List 5 characteristics of the world you are growing up in.

                They must start with the following letters: SCENE

    Assign: Watch video of the week and reflect in your journal 

    Discuss: S.C.E.N.E. 

    Activity:  Lego Leadership


    Pick: 2nd Movie Reflection or a YouTube Reflection  

    Due: Give it up reflection  


    11/20 (Pre-SAT)


    Journal Question: What is meant by scarcity vs abundance?

    Video/Discussion: scarcity vs abundance

    Video: Scarcity vs Abundance Mindset 

    Video: The first follower

               2 viewings--no sound (discuss in groups)

                                 with sound (whole class discussion) 

    Read: Arthur Ashe     




    Journal Question: Name some "bad assumptions" we all tend to make about life.

    Discuss: The seven lethal assumptions 

    Video: Death by PowerPoint

    Movie Presentations are due: Dec. 17th

    Play: Birthday line up

    Test: Arthur Ashe




    Journal question: Reflect on the meaning of the statement: "What stands in the way becomes the way."

    Video: Stuck on an Elevator

    Guest Speaker: Catherine Lindbeck

    Assign: Notes and a short reflection  




    Journal Question: In what areas am I most influenced by my peers? 

    People Skills Ladder

    Video: The Coffee Bean 

    Habitudes: Discipline Bridge

                    Handout and discussion    

    Take notes on Mindfulness Assembly

    Assign: Reflection on assembly




    JOD: How does this quote represent the attitudes of some people?

            "Either build the tallest building or tear everything else down."  

    Guest Speaker: Gordo Birdsall

    Assign: Notes and a short reflection




    Journal question: How good are you at showing appreciation? Scale 1-10

                              What can you do to raise that number?

    Video: John Maxwell The 5 levels of Leadership (0:00 - 16:30)


    Class thank you card: Catherine Lindbeck 

    Video: John Maxwell The 5 levels of Leadership (16:30 - end)


    NB Quiz

    Read: Bob Hope


    12/11 (Wed)


    Journal Question: What "level of leadership are you on? Do you have any level 4 or 5 leaders in your life? Who?

    Discuss: Bob Hope

    Test: Bob Hope

    Video: Nate Boyer

    Guest Speaker: Mr. Kimzey 

               Assign: Reflection

    Read: Dwight Eisenhower




    Journal Entry: What is humility and what does it look like? 

    Habitudes Video: The Calcutta Paradox

                              Handout and discussion 

    Movie Presentations




    Journal: Explain this quote from Seneca: "The unexamined life is not worth living."

    Read Ch. 4 excerpts from Make Your Bed

    Video: Make Your Bed      

    Guest Speaker: Deven Beck 

              Assign: Reflection




    JOD: What is one thing you could give up for one week and you know the results would be positive?

    Read the passage from Love Does

                               "Go get your books!"

    Guest Speaker: Easton Albert

              Assign: Reflection


     _____________Merry Christmas__________________


    1/2  *SUB*


    Read: Eisenhower

    Read: Quarter Book

              DUE: 1/6 (next time!)

    Lab: (Portable) Quarter Book Paper

    Option: Read any chapter in the Role Models book




    Due: Quarter Book Reflection!

    Movie Presentations





    Finish: Movie Presentations

    Finish Love Does story

    Thank you's for speakers




    Journal Activity: My Boardroom & Who's in my wedding? 

    Video: J-Mac 1   

    Test: Eisenhower

            Handout: Respect

    Read: Christopher Reeve (part of semester test) 

    Discuss: Eisenhower & Contrast today's Politicians 

    Class Photo:)

    Video: Video game addiction

    Finish: Movie Presentations




    Circle: Open Mic

    Discuss final and letter to self




    1st 20 minutes: Christopher Reeve Test 

    Final exam/Survey 

    Write a letter to yourself (age 23)

    YouTube: Brendon Buchard What Great Leaders Actually DO (The E's of Leadership) 

    Give TEDx Talk Link______________








    Journal Activity: Pick a crisis...what would you do?

    Video: Everyday Leadership   

    Video: Tai Lopez "Mentor Rules" (a book a day) 8:00 - 18:25  

    Video: Why am I even Alive?  

    Play: Grudge Ball  

    Write down 5 things you are really good at and pick one to do today.


    Assign: Role Models Sonya Sotomayor      

    Video: Sotomayor

    Habitudes Video: Emotional Fuel (discuss)

                             Handout and Discuss

    Test: Sonya Sotomayor

    List 10 things that really make you happy  

    Movie: Cinderella Man


    Video: Adam Baker (Video of the week)  

    Habitudes Video: The Half-Hearted Kamikaze (discuss)

                              Handout and Discuss

    Play: Salad Bowl  

    Test: Christopher Reeve   

    Character Movie: Seabiscuit

    Worksheet: Leadership Lessons from Seabiscuit

    Finish character movie: Seabiscuit 

    Exercise: Evaluate your own reputation 



    5/21  Seniors: Final Exam & write a letter to yourself (age 23)




    Handout/article: The Eisenhower Box  







    Journal Entry: Using two columns, list all of the negative input you willingly partake in and then the positive input. 


    Guest Speaker: Casey Hammond

                           Activity: Whistle blowers (Casey) 


    Character movie: 13 Days (50 min)

                           Handout: 13 Days discussion questions

    Finish character movie: 13 Days  




    JOD: List several qualities interviewers are looking for when looking to hire.





    Journal question: 10 great questions to ask (Ch 3 from the 15 Laws of Growth)    

    Video: Start with WHY by Simon Sinek   

    Refine: personal mission statement  (What's your why?)

    Read and Discuss: Article...Over 90 Valedictorians

    YouTube: Brendon Buchard What Great Leaders Actually DO (The E's of Leadership) 

         Questions: From the Student Leadership Guide

    Discuss article: Is it OK to be Average? 




    YouTube: You Are Not Special


    Video: Trophy Nation (discuss)


    Habitudes Video: The Waldorf Principle (discuss)

                              Handout and Discuss

    Two traits employers are looking for

    Video: The Emporer's Club


    **End of 2nd Semester** 



    JOD: Explain the phrase: "Assume positive intent"

    Journal entry: List of "Hats"

    Video: Why good leaders make you feel safe | Simon Sinek (12 min) 


    Journal: List some dating rules your parents have for you. How will you parent differently?

    Parenting Discussion 

    Assign: Ethical Dilemma: Parenting Questions



    Demo:  Big Rocks

    Review Game:  Grudge Ball!





    Discussion: p.95 The Art of Self-Leadership) -- Commitment  


    Show: Cell phone stats (school board presentation)

    Habitudes: Opportunity Statue

                     Handout and discussion

    Read: Amelia Earhart


    Ted Talk Video: Improve as a speaker 


    Test: Nancy Reagan (loyalty)/Worksheet: Loyalty in Relationships

    Habitudes: The Half-hearted Kamikaze 

                    Handout and discussion 

    Assign: Marriage handout 

    Discuss: Friendship/dating/marriage (handout) 





    Journal Question: How can we build our sense of identity?

    Test:  Amelia Earhart





    Journal question: Who are you? What gives you your sense of identity?


    Handout: Root and Fruit Habitude (identity)

    NB Quiz  


    Discuss Article: Three Big Reminders from NFL Anthem Protests


    Read: Helen Keller 




    Read: Nancy Reagan (15 min)

    Journal question: How are you a role model? 

    Worksheet: Recognizing Role Models




    Test: Helen Keller







    Poem: How to be a Person by Shane Koyczan


    Discuss article: Is it OK to be Average?

    YouTube: Brendon Buchard What Great Leaders Actually DO (The E's of Leadership) 

         Questions: From the Student Leadership Guide

    Discussion: p.95 The Art of Self-Leadership) -- Commitment


    Merry Christmas_______________________________________ 




    JOD: What is one thing you could give up for one week and you know the results would be positive?



    The Expectations Box (Goals, dreams and desires)


    Assign: "One thing to give up" (1 page)

                Reflection: Give it Up




    JOD: What does the concept of "Extreme Ownership" mean to you?





    JOD: What does it mean to be an extravagant giver?

    Darren Daily

    Habitudes video: The Waldorf Principle

                             Handout and discussion

    Video: Jim Gaffigan courtroom scene




    JOD: List 2 qualities of your favorite coach or mentor. Now list 2 character traits of other adults in your life that you don't want to emulate. 

    Habitudes Video: The Calcutta Paradox

                              Handout and discussion 

    Assign: Random Act of Kindness

            Brainstorm ways to accomplish the act of kindness




    JOD: List 5 things successful people always do.

    FPF Video: Ch 11 part 4.1

    Mr. Kimzey TEDx talk:)




    Discussion: What is tolerance?

    Video: Penn Gillette (Tolerance) 4:00- end

    Tolerance worksheet

    Role Models: Choice Test

    Video: Why am I even Alive? 

    Video: Power Poses by Amy Cuddy 

    Assign: Role model letter (week 8 assignment)

    Video: The Power of Habit 





    Final exam/Survey 


    Circle: Open Mic

    Refine: personal mission statement  

    Video: The Emporer's Club


    **End of 1st Semester** 



    Video: Simon Sinek - "First why and then trust"


    Finish presenting movie reflections    

    Video: J-Mac 1  


    Video: Trailer for "Sully"

     Journal entry: Name 3 areas that you draw your identity from.


    Video: How to achieve your most ambitious goals 

    Read: Chop Wood, Carry Water (famous failures) 

    Assign: Role Models: Martin Luther King Jr.  

    Video: I have a Dream  

    Test: Role Models MLK

    TED Talk: Changing the Game in Youth Sports 

    Habitudes Video: The Gardner's Job 

                              Handout and discussion

    Handout/Discussion: One Bias Everyone Should Have 

    Video: The problem with "Fine"   






    NB Quiz

    Video: Mindset and Success 0:00 - 7:02

    Assign: 4 Affirmations

    Discuss: Book reflections

    Growing Leaders Podcast: Jon Acuff (10:22- 19:13)




    Video: Simon Sinek

              Train Your Mind 3:09

              Out-Do Yourself 10:15 



    Habitudes video: Velvet Brick  

    Video: Coach K


    Test: Bob Hope/worksheet 

    Worksheet: Community Service



    Video: Mindset and Success 0:00 - 7:02




    Assign: Coach K




    Test: Coach K


    Discuss: Book reflections



    Habitudes Video: Lightening Rod

    NB Quiz

    Present: Movie reflection notes


    Read: Bob Hope

    Work on: You Tube Projects





     Habitudes video: Pyrrhic Victory   




    Video: How to Connect (John Maxwell)

    Read Role Models: Arthur Ashe

    Habitudes video: Pocket Change


    Character Movie Day: Quiz Show

    Assign: 6 Movie Questions  

    Movie presentation due when we get back!

    Read quarter 2 book! 

    Finish/Discuss: Quiz Show  

    Movie: Remember the Titans

    Quetionaire: Remember the Titans 




    Library: Work on project




    Discussion: p.95 The Art of Self-Leadership) -- Commitment




    Video: The problem with "Fine"   


    Business core values and interview questions

    Interview questions and core values



    Blog Discussion: Referee


    Handout: Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

                  Role Models Who Persevered

    Assign: Cal Ripken

    Read and Discuss Article: What student behavior says about...

     Lecture: S.C.E.N.E.  

    Test: Cal Ripken 






    Creating Culture

    Creating Culture (finish discussion) 


    Activity: pg 84 T.E. (Habitudes) 

    Worksheet: Handling Difficult Work Senarios


    Assign: If you could change one thing...

    Discuss: List the traits of hosts and guests

    Discussion/Lecture: Hosts and Guests

    Practice: Traits of a host


    Assign: Write 3 questions to be used with Freedom Writers 


    Article Reflection: Six Rules Next Generation Leaders Follow 


    Video: Dave Ch. 5 Part [1.1] "5 years from now..." 3:35 - 6:50 

    Discussion: College or not college?



    YouTube: Brendon Buchard What Great Leaders Actually DO (The E's of Leadership) 

         Questions: From the Student Leadership Guide

    Good to Great (SMARTER goals)

    Discuss: Mr. Hurlbert's Presentation

                 What were his 5 principals for effective leadership? 

    Assign: Movie questions and Education tips (Handout)




    Guest speaker: Hannah Honey




    Reflection: Video of the Day (Political Systems)

    Kahoot: Political Ideologies

    Video: Political Ideology (Crash Course) 

    Discussion: Where do you fit on the political spectrum?