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    Recruiting Poster
    Congratulations 2020 State Champions!!
    State Title #4
    Congrats (AGAIN) Brynnli Poulsen! 
    2X State Champion  
    Our boys Our girls
    How about the 2 Colters going 1st & 2nd?!!
    1st & 2nd
    2020 Team and Individual Finishes
    Boys: CJ Purcell 1st     Colter Kirkland 2nd     Tanner Nead 5th     Lane Cole 11th     Harrison Silverio 16th 
    Team: 1st!
    Girls:  Brynnli Poulsen 1st  Maddison Ward 41st     Ryanne Child 43rd     Megan Yockey 63rd     Hannah Hicks 91st
    Team: 8th
    Young But Dangerous! (2019)
     Young but dangerous!
                                                        Small But Mighty!
    Small but mighty!
                                                                  2019 Team and Individual Finishes
    Boys 4th and Girls 6th...Excellent results for our young teams!
    Congratulations to junior Brynnli Poulsen for her record-setting 2019 State Championship! 
     Look at that form!
                                                Western A Champ as well:)
    And an incredible 2nd place state finish by sophomore Colter Kirkland! 
    It's all about effort!
                                                 Western A Champ as well:)
     2018 Class A All-State Broncs
                                 Brynnli  Poulsen  2nd!!                                                              Colter Kirkland  9th!
     2nd 9th
    2017 State Finishers
                                                              Matt Wilson 2nd!                                  Lyric Devries 2nd!
    MATT!! 2nd at State Lyric Devries  2nd
    2016 State A Cross Contry Meet
    Congrats to Sarah & Matt                             4th place finishers!
    Sarah Passey Matt Wilson
    2016 Poster 
    2016 Poster
    Congratulations Jaycie and Cameron!!
    2015 Class A State Champions.
    Cameron  Jaycie
    2015 Poster
     State Champions 2014
    2015 state champs  
    State 3rd place 2014
    3rd place
    2014 Boys' Poster
    2014 Poster boys
    2014 Girls' Poster
    2014 Girls' Poster  
    2013 State Champions!
    2013 State Champions
    2013 Poster
    2013 Poster
    2012 Poster
    2012 Poster
    2011 Classic Pic!
    2011 Classic Pic!
    2010 Classic Pic!
    2010 Classic