• Books Library Policy Concerning Book Return

    Classes have book check-out once a week.  Students who are absent on the designated day, may select a new book before or after school or make some arrangement with the classroom teacher, as there is very little unscheduled time in the library during school hours. 

    • 2 books may be checked out at a time (at least 1 at the child's reading level that can be used for AR testing).  Students are asked to keep 1 of the books in their desk for school use and only bring 1 library book home at a time.
      • Classes/students that have special research projects are allowed additional books.
      • Parents may open a library account in order to have more reading material for their student.
    • When a student forgets his/her library book from the previous week, he/she will be unable to bring home another one. 
      However, since there should still be a book at school, that one can be switched out.
    • Students with books still out from previous years will not be allowed to bring any more home, shorter books can be checked out for classroom use.
    • Books are due 2 weeks from the time of check-out. 
      • If more time is needed, a book may be renewed (child must show the book to the librarian).
      • Books can be renewed as often as necessary if there isn't a long waiting list for the item.
    • Overdue notices go out once a month.  Any child who has books 3 weeks overdue will receive one.  
      • If you receive a notice and feel there has been an error, please send a note with your child or feel free to stop by the library in person.  I will be happy to look for any book in question.
    • Books that are two months overdue will be fined for the cost of replacement & the monthly notice is a bill.  
      • To clear your child’s name and allow future check-outs, please pay the amount shown.  
      • Discounts are offered at the start, so it is advantageous to pay bills promptly. Checks should be made payable to Daly Elementary School.  
      • If a book is found later, the office will send out a refund check, provided the book is still in useable condition.  

    By far, our biggest problem with lost materials occurs when families move during the school year and pack library books along with their belongings.  If you are planning a move, please tell your child not to select any books that week and send a note to his/her classroom teacher.  (Even moves across town are a problem, since many times the library books end up in a random box that no one opens for months).


    It would be helpful to establish a special place in your home for library books.  This would save both you and your child unnecessary anxiety when the next library day arrives or when overdue notices come out.  If your child has difficulty with library book return, it might be best to have him/her keep them at school.