• Our library promotes 3 children's choice book awards

    Most states sponsor some type of children's choice book award.  There is even a national children's choice award. The main purpose of such awards is to encourage reading for pleasure and broaden interests. Nominees for the year are selected by various means, but the winning titles are always chosen by children.


  • Young Reader's Choice Award

     This award originated in Seattle in 1940. It is now sponsored by the Pacific NorthWest Library Association. When the award began, there was a single set of 12 nominated titles.  It has since evolved into 3 categories (Junior, Intermediate, and Senior) with 8 selections each.  Nominated titles are those which have been popular with children and published 3 years prior to the award year.  The junior category is the one designed for our age level, approximately grades 4-6. Any student who reads 2 or more of the selected books is eligible to vote for their favorite in April. Prizes are given to students who read all eight titles.


  • Beverly Cleary Children's Choice Award

    This award was started in 2001 and is sponsored by the Oregon Association of School Libraries in honor of Beverly Cleary (Oregon born author famous for writing the Ramona books).  The focus is on readers transitioning into chapter books.  The books nominated for this award are usually about 100-150 pages, include pictures for support and written at a 3rd grade level.  Any child who reads 2 of the books is eligible to vote for their favorite in the spring.  A prize is given to students who read all 8.


  • Montana Treasure State Picture Book Award

     This award was started in 1990.  Librarians and teachers in Montana nominate 5 picture books, published in the last 3 years.  The books are read aloud to students in grades K-3 across Montana, voting takes place in March and the winner is announced in April.





























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