• Montana Treasure State Picture Book Award

These are the 5 nominated titles for 2018.
  • ***Past Winners***


    1.  THE TOOTH FAIRY WARS by Kate Coombs


    3.  THE LEGEND OF THE BEAVER’S TAIL by Stephanie Shaw

    4.  MONTY’S MAGNIFICENT MANE by Gemma O’Neill



    1.  THE LAST KING OF ANGKOR WAY by Graime Base

    2.  A LIBRARY BOOK FOR BEARS by Bonny Becker

    3.  TOO MUCH GLUE by Jason Lefebvre 

    4.  THE MISADVENTURES OF SWEETIE PIE  by Chris Van Allsburg

    5.  NO YEAR OF THE CAT  by Mary Dodson Wade


    1. Beaty, Andrea. Rosie Revere, Engineer.                

    2. Hopkins, Jackie Mims. Prairie Chicken Little. 

    3. Kvatum, Lia. Saving Yasha: True Story of an Adopted Moon Bear.*

    4. McConduit, Denise. The Boy Who Wouldn't Read.

    5. Mortensen, Lori.  Cowpoke Clyde and the Dirty Dawg.


    1. Bernheimer, Kate. The Lonely Book.              

    2. Coury, Tina Nichols. Hanging off of Jefferson's Nose. 

    3. Schwartz, Corey Rosen. The Three Ninja Pigs. 

    4. Shannon, David.  Jangles.*

    5. Spires, Ashley.  Larf.



    1. Casanova, Mary. The Day Dirk Yeller Came to Town.                

    2. Laminack, Lester L. Three Hens and a Peacock. 

    3. McDermott, Gerald. Monkey: A Trickster Tale from India. 

    4. Van Dusen, Chris.  King Hugo's Huge Ego.*

    5. Winter, Jeanette.  The Watcher: Jane Goodall's Life with the Chimps.


    1. DiPucchio, Kelly S. Alfred Zector, Book Collector.                

    2. Kimmel, Eric A. Joha Makes a Wish: a Middle Eastern Tale. 

    3. Krause, Ute. Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon. 

    4. McCully, Emily Arnold. Wonder Horse: the World's Smartest Horse.*

    5. Van Allsburg, Chris.  Queen of the Falls.



    1. Crimi, Carolyn. Henry & the Crazed Chicken Pirates.*                

    2. Hopkinson, Deborah. Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek: a Tall, Thin Tale (Introducing His Forgotten Frontier Friend) 

    3. Love, Donna. Henry, the Impatient Heron.

    4. Van Dusen, Chris. The Circus Ship.

    5. Winter, Jeanette.  Wangari's Trees of Peace: a True Story of Africa



    1. Broach, Elise. When Dinosaurs Came with Everything.                

    2. Deedy, Carmen Agra. Martina the Beautiful Cockroach: a Cuban Folktale

    3. Krensky, Stephen. Big Bad Wolves at School.

    4. Larson, Kirby. Two Bobbies: the True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship and Survival.*

    5. Shannon, David.  Too Many Toys.



    1. Arnosky, Jim. Grandfather Buffalo.                

    2. Collins, Suzanne. When Charlie McButton Lost Power.

    3. Ernst, Lisa Campbell. The Gingerbread Girl.

    4. Knudsen, Michelle. Library Lion.*

    5. Wilson, Karma.  Whopper Cake.


    1. Asher, Sandy. Too Many Frogs.                

    2. White, Linda Arms. I Could Do That!: Ester Morris Gets Women the Vote

    3. Collard, Sneed B. III. Shep.*

    4. Howard, Arthur. Serious Trouble.

    5. McKissack, Patricia C.  Precious and the Boo Hag.


    1. Auch, Mary Jane. Souper Chicken.                

    2. Bridges, Shirin Yim. Ruby's Wish.

    3. Hatkoff, Isabella. Owen & Mzee: the True Story of a Remarkable Friendship.

    4. McDonald, Megan. Saving the Liberty Bell.

    5. Stevens, Janet.  The Great Fuzz Frenzy.*


    1. Funke, Cornelia. The Princess Knight.

    2. Icenoggle,Jodi. 'Til the Cows Come Home.

    3. Kaza, Keiko. My Lucky Day.*

    4. Orloff, Karen Kaufman. I Wanna Iguana.

    5. Rodanas, Kristina. The Blind Hunter.



    1. Eubank, Patty Reader. Seaman's Journal.*

    2. Haseley, Dennis. A Story for Bear.

    3. Ketteman, Helen. Armadillo Tattletale.

    4. Melling, David. The Kiss That Missed.

    5. Nolen, Jerdine. Thunder Rose.


    1. Calmenson, Stephanie. The Frog Principal.

    2. Harris, Jim. The Three Little Dinosaurs.*

    3. MacDonald, Allan. The Pig in a Wig.

    4. Tchana, Katrin. Sense Pass King: A Story from Camaroon.

    5. White, Linda Arms. Comes A Wind.



    1. Garland, Michael. Icarus Swinebuckle.

    2. O'Neill, Alexis. The Recess Queen.

    3. Reiss, Mike. The Great Show-and-tell Disaster.

    4. Willey, Margaret. Clever Beatrice: an Upper Peninsula Conte.

    5. Wilson, Gina. Ignis.*


    1. Cronin, Doreen. Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type.

    2. Lester, Helen. Tacky and the Emperor.

    3. Kimmel, Eric A. Robin Hook, Pirate Hunter!

    4. Munson, Derek. Enemy Pie.*

    5. San Souci, Robert D. Callie Ann and Mistah Bear.



    1. Blake, Robert J. Akiak : A Tale From The Iditarod.*

    2. Eversole, Robyn Harbert. Red Berry Wool.

    3. Lasky, Kathryn. The Emperor's Old Clothes.

    4. Nolen, Jerdine. Raising Dragons.

    5. Wood, Audrey. The Red Racer.



    1. Ernst, Lisa Campbell. Stella Louella's Runaway Book.

    2. Howe, James. Horace And Morris But Mostly Dolores.

    3. Roddie, Shen. Too Close Friends.

    4. Tunnell, Michael O. Mailing May.

    5. Wardlaw, Lee. Punia and the King Of Sharks: a Hawaiian Folktale.*



    1. Shannon, David. A Bad Case Of Stripes.*

    2. Lowell, Susan. Little Red Cowboy Hat.

    3. Hoberman, Mary Ann. The Seven Silly Eaters.

    4. Kurtz, Jane. Trouble.

    5. Ryder, Joanne. Winter White.


    1. Bernhard, Emery. The Girl Who Wanted To Hunt.*

    2. Brown, Marc. Arthur Writes a Story.

    3. Harper, Jo. Outrageous, Bodacious Boliver Boggs!

    4. Silverman, Erica. Mrs. Peachtree's Bicycle.

    5. Stanley, Diane. Saving Sweetness.


    1. Brown, Laurene Krasny. Rex and Lilly: Family Time.

    2. Bruchac, Joseph. First Strawberries: A Cherokee Story.

    3. Lester, Helen. Three Cheers for Tacky.*

    4. Viorst, Judith. Alexander Who's Not  (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!)  Going To Move.

    5. Yorinks, Arthur. Whitefish Will Rides Again.


    1. Archambault, John. Beautiful Feast for Big King Cat.

    2. Cannon, Janell. Stellaluna.

    3. Isaacs, Anne. Swamp Angel*

    4. McDermott, Gerald. Zomo the Rabbit: Trickster Tale from West Africa.*

    5. Rylant, Cynthia. Mr. Putter and Tabby Walk the Dog.



    1. Arnold, Tedd. Signmaker's Assistant.

    2. Bunting, Eve. Someday a Tree.

    3. Coehn, Barbara. Make a Wish, Molly.

    4. Glaser, Linda. Keep Your Socks On, Albert!

    5. Stevens, Janet. Coyote Steals the Blanket.*


    1. Brett, Jan. Trouble with Trolls.*

    2. Byars, Betsy. Hooray for the Golly Sisters.

    3. Kimmel, Eric. Tale of Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp.

    4. Polacco, Patricia. Just Plain Fancy.

    5. Van Laan, Nancy. Rainbow Crow.



    1.  Blake, Quentin.  All Join In.
    2.  Calhoun, Mary.  High-Wire Henry.*
    3..  Henkes, Kevin.  Chrysanthemum.
    4.  Hoffman, Mary.  Amazing Grace.
    5.  Rylant, Cynthia.  Henry and Mudge Take the Big Test.



    1.  Fox, Mem.  Shoes for Grandpa.
    2.  Karlin, Barbara.  Cinderella.
    3.  Lewis, Patrick.  A Hippopotamusn't  and Other Animal Verses.
    4.  Peet, Bill. Cock-A-Doodle Dudley.*
    5.  Yolen, Jane.  Sky Dogs.



    1.  Carrick, Carol.  What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaur?
    2.  Globe, Paul.  Iktomi & the Berries.
    3.  Henkes, Kevin.  Shelia Rae the Brave.
    4.  Kellogg, Steven.  Johnny Appleseed.
    5.  Martin, C. L. The Dragon Nanny. *









    King Hugo




    Wonder Horse





    Henry & Pirates




    Two Bobbies





    Library Lion













    Lucky Day




    Seaman's Journal




    3 Dinos








    Enemy Pie








    Punia & King of Sharks




    Bad Case of Stripes




    Girl Who Wanted to Hunt




    3 Cheers for Tacky




    Zomo the Rabbit





    Coyote Steals a Blanket




    Trouble with Trolls




    Henry the High Wire Cat   




     C0ck-aDoodle Dudley




     Dragon Nanny