• HOW can Community help WITHOUT PAYING MORE per month?

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    Improve facilities and our kids' futures with a Levy and Bond.

    This Levy & Bond combination is a replacement of the High School bond

    • Current Bond ends 2018;proposed Levy & Bond together will be the same amount or less than the monthly property cost for the expiring Bond
    • Levies and Bonds support different funding needs-both are needed to support District objec­tives: education programs/staffing and building remodel/upgrades
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  • WHAT is the District doing to help?

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    Fiscally responsible while growing programs-doing more with less.

    District has cut $1,000,000 since 2012

    Enhanced educationaland extra-curricular programs district-wide the last 5 years

    Consolidate Campuses will save $400,000 annually

    • Reduce from 4 to 3 campuses (close Washington)= Daly K-4;HMS S-8;HHS 9-12
    • Proven positive grade configuration
    • Averaging 400 students per building is more efficient model ; better use of tax payer funds

    Staff Reduction through Attrition will save $300,000

    • Nine retirements;not all positions will be refilled
    • Attrition does not affect educational programs
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  • Why are we Having an Election?

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    Challenging forecasts; time to act is now.

    Declining Funds/Declining Student Population

    • Projected $700,000+ shortfall over next 5 years
    • 100 fewer students since 2012; down 42 this year
    • Fewer families moving to Hamilton

    Facility Upgrades Overdue

    • Daly Elementary needs classroom upgrades,a gym, HVAC,etc.
    • Haynes Track & Field is deficient and failing

    Maintain and Grow EducationalPrograms

    • Maintain award winning,nationally recognized educational programs
    • Continue to provide and enhance relevant higher-ed and vocational programs
    • Retain and recruit top educators
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