Welcome to Hamilton High School!


    Below are important announcements and resources to start the year off well with your student in their online courses.


    Login Information:

    *Log into Edgenuity here: https://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Student

    *Your login information will be your Google login with the password set as your lunch number twice. (Contact Matt Watts or Jane Mason if you need assistance with this.)


    HSD#3 Chromebooks:
    *Chromebooks are available to HSD#3 students enrolled in our online platform and can be checked out at Hamilton High School’s main office.


    Accessing Student Grades/Reports

    *Official grades will be posted in Infinite Campus. You can use Edgenuity to track the progress of your student to ensure they are on pace.

    *If a parent/guardian wishes to receive emailed progress reports on their student, please contact Matt Watts to get set up!


    *Questions with Edgenuity: Contact Matt Watts 406.361.0538 (wattsm@hsd3.org) or Edgenuity Tech Support (877) 202-0338 

    *Questions with your Class: Contact the teacher associated to your courses. 

    *Issue with your HSD#3 device: Contact Jane Mason 375-6068 (masonj@hsd3.org

    *Questions about School Events/Activities: Contact Diane Weeks 375-6060 (weeksd@hsd3.org



    *Your course enrollments will appear on your Edgenuity home page. The course start/end dates are built into the HSD#3 calendar to show you which assignments are due daily to stay on pace. You can download the "Course Report" to see all assigned and their due dates for each course. Any assignments not completed by the end of the quarter are graded as a “0” so make sure you stay on track.


    *Unit tests and exams will be proctored onsite at Washington School through appointments with Matt Watts.


    *Students who fall behind in their coursework may be required to complete their courses at Washington School until adequate progress has been made. Please consult the handbook for more detail.


    HSD#3 School Calendar:

    Semester 1: August 23rd, 2021 - January 13th, 2022 (Midterm is October 29th, 2021)

    Semester 2: January 17th - June 3rd, 2022 (Midterm is March 25th, 2022)



    *Students are expected to complete each semester they begin online before transferring back on-site unless advised otherwise from an administrator.


    Recommended Resources to get Started with Edgenuity

    Student Orientation Videos

    Detailed Orientation Video

    Student Guide to Edgenuity

    Student Learning Tools

    Tips for Student Success Online

    Student Resources in Edgenuity

    Edgenuity Help Desk

    **Please remember that all students enrolled in the HSD#3 online platform must have access to adequate internet.**


    **Find more resources for Online Learning support here**