Dear Parents,

    It is an exciting time when your child is getting ready for school. As your transportation specialist, we want to do whatever we can to help you prepare your student for a safe, secure ride on the school bus.

    Nearly every child will ride the bus sometime during the year, whether it is from home to school, on a field trip, or home with a friend for the afternoon. It is important that all students know the proper way to ride the bus.

    Please take a few minutes with your child and get acquainted with the bus rules and the safe way to ride the bus.

    Please remind your student to carry a backpack to help him/her to keep control of papers, books, etc., that could get dropped and lost. These items could blow under the bus and become a hazard if your student attempts to get them back. On the bus, they clutter the floor or aisle, and students can slip. If papers blow forward, they can become a problem under the driver’s feet.

    Remember! If your child is going to ride the bus to anywhere that is not their normal designated school bus stop, they must have a note to do so from a parent or the school secretary. Also, all student’s 2nd grade or younger will need a parent, guardian, or older sibling to receive them at the bus stop. DON’T FORGET ABOUT EARLY OUTS!

    80% of all school bus related accidents/injuries happen in the loading zone. Of those, 80% are third grade or younger.

    We try to never have a student cross the street... but sometimes it is necessary. Students need to know how to cross the street. Please help us train your child to make eye contact with the bus driver. It is important that the driver be able to get your child’s attention because of the hazards involved with other traffic. Cross in front of the bus only after getting the full hand signal from the BUS DRIVER.

    Your child’s safety is our first consideration, and we work constantly to upgrade our driver’s training, and the safety of our equipment to maintain the safest possible transportation for your student.

    Thank you for the time you spend with your child helping them learn the bus safety rules. Please feel free to call Majestic Bus Service at 375-9180 with any concerns you have about your child riding the school bus.

    Majestic Bus Service Mike Krout