• Bus Rules:

    Majestic Bus Service

    1. Students being transported are under the authority of the driver. The driver may assign pupils seats.

    2. Stay away from moving buses. Never chase for a bus; on foot or in a vehicle.
    3. Students shall be courteous to the driver, to fellow passengers and to passers-by.
    4. Students shall be on time for the bus, allowing five minutes before their scheduled stop in the

    5. When necessary to cross the road; students shall wait to cross until motioned by the driver. Students

    not needing to cross the road shall wait to approach the bus until the bus is stopped and the loading

    door is opened.
    6. Students shall sit in designated seating areas.
    7. Students shall remain seated at all times in a forward-facing position. The aisle must be clear at all

    8. Students must make other arrangements to transport the following items to and from school; skies,

    snowboards, sleds, shovels, animals or insects, large band instruments and fragile class projects. 9. Matches, lighters, lasers lights, toy/replica guns, firearms/weapons, or any other potentially

    hazardous material, including spray type/aerosol hair or body sprays, and glass containers are not

    allowed on the bus.

    1. Electronics: Most electronic equipment must be off and stored while on the bus. Some listening

      devises with ear buds are allowed.

    2. Pens and pencils are not allowed out of student’s back packs.

    3. Students shall converse in normal tones; loud or vulgar language or obscene gesturing is prohibited.

    4. Fighting, wrestling or boisterous activity is prohibited on the bus. Students must keep hands and

      feet to themselves.

    5. Students are not permitted to eat, drink, or chew gum on the bus.

    6. Students shall not open windows more than halfway down and will never extend any part of the

      body through windows.

    7. Students shall not throw objects into, from or on the bus.

    8. Students shall keep the bus clean and must refrain from damaging it.

    9. Students shall not move, remove or deface any sign on the bus.

    10. Students shall have written permission from their parent/guardian or the school to leave the bus

      other than at school or designated bus stop.

    11. Students shall use the emergency door only in case of an emergency.

    12. Students who refuse to obey promptly the directions of the driver or refuse to obey regulations may

      forfeit their privilege to ride on the buses.

    13. At times when more than two (2) passengers will be riding with your student for parties, etc; the

      parent of the student having the guest must call the Majestic office to make prior arrangements.

      Discipline / Consequences: Majestic Bus Service