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Degrees and Certifications:

Master's of Business Administration Master's of Education Bachelor's of Science (Marketing and Business Administration)

Mr. Michael Bonnes

My Personal Teaching Philosophy


I believe that each and every student is capable of accomplishments that they themselves are not aware of…

Every student is capable of greatness. Every student is capable of achievements which they may not realize. As a teacher, it is my responsibility to unlock the potential of each student and show them what they are capable of. It is my responsibility to assist each student in realizing their own potential by holding them to the highest standards, and offering the support needed to achieve these standards. It is also my responsibility to encourage each student to identify, utilize, and develop their own unique strengths in order to achieve things they may not have otherwise.

I believe that every student has a unique and highly personal view of the world and we must encourage and stimulate this individuality…

No two students are the same, and for that I am truly grateful. So much can be learned from one another, and we must embrace one another’s differences. The classroom is a place where we need to learn to accept, embrace, and respect others and their opinions. By fostering an environment where students are comfortable being themselves, everyone will benefit and the learning that will take place between individuals will be exponentially greater than any teaching I could do alone.

I believe that every student has the right to be treated with the utmost respect…

It is my belief that a classroom truly only needs one rule, and that is RESPECT. If students truly embrace the concept of respect, the result will be an amazingly efficient, stimulating, diverse, and creative atmosphere in which high-level learning can take place. Students must learn to respect themselves, respect their peers, respect the teacher, respect the knowledge being shared, respect the learning process, and respect the opportunity they have been presented. It is my personal belief that if we are respectful of everything around us, and respectful of ourselves, than the possibilities within the classroom are limitless.

I believe that students should be challenged beyond their perceived ability and be encouraged to take risks within the confines of a safe and accepting environment…

In order to discover what we are capable of, we need to be encouraged to take risks that we otherwise may not take on our own. It is my responsibility to challenge all of my students beyond their comfort level to a point where they must take some risk. By allowing a safe environment in which to do so, students will learn the value and potential reward of taking a risk. Students need to learn the life skill of risk taking, as it is something they will do countless times in their lives. Students must practice the art of risk taking, and my classroom will be a challenging environment where students will be expected to take risks. By providing a safe environment that views failures as an opportunity for greater success, students will become more confident in their ability to take risks in order to realize greater achievements.

I believe that I will learn as much from each and every student, as they will learn from me…

I may be the teacher, but I am also a lifelong student. I believe that every student has a wealth of knowledge and information from which I can learn. By creating a reciprocal and equal exchange of knowledge, the learning that will take place will be of higher level and more engaging. I firmly believe that there is no room for egos in education, and that educators must be humble enough to assume the role of student on a continuous basis. I may be an expert in my field of interest and have knowledge to share with my students, but so too are my students and they also have unique knowledge which should be shared. I believe that every student can make positive contributions to one another’s education, as well as my own, and that such a reciprocal learning environment is necessary in order to capitalize on the great collection of knowledge in any given classroom.