Welcome to Daly Elementary!
  • Welcome to Daly Elementary (Online)!


    Below are important announcements and resources to start the year off well with your child!

    Login Information:

    *Exact Path Login: https://auth.edmentum.com/elf/login     *Study Island Login: https://app.studyisland.com/cfw/login/    *Reading Eggs Login: https://readingeggs.com/signup1/

    *Your login information will be your Google login unless told otherwise by your child’s teacher. Your 1st-4th grade child should be familiar with this login. (Contact Matt Watts if you need assistance with this.)

    HSD#3 Chromebooks:

    *Chromebooks are available to HSD#3 students enrolled in our online platform and can be checked out at Daly Elementary School’s main office starting Tuesday, September 8th.


    Accessing Student Grades/Reports

    *Official grades will be posted in Infinite Campus. 

    *Teachers will be explaining how to monitor your student’s progress within each program.


    *Questions with Exact Path, Study Island or Reading Eggs (K-2): Contact Matt Watts 406.361.0538 (wattsm@hsd3.org) or Edmentum Tech Support (800) 447-5286 

    *Questions with your Class: Contact your child’s teacher

    *Issue with your HSD#3 device: Contact Alexis Wheat 363-2122 (wheata@hsd3.org

    *Questions about School Activities: Contact Margo Calder 363-2122 (calderm@hsd3.org)  




    *Your assignments will appear on your Exact Path, Study Island and Reading Egg (K-2) home pages. Note that there are TWO or THREE places your student will log into for their assignments but their login information for these programs are the same. Their teachers will provide clear instructions describing how to access these programs at the start of the school year. The online platform will follow the same calendar as on-site students. Assessments and tests will be provided by your teacher on a regular basis to demonstrate content mastery.


    HSD#3 School Calendar:

    Trimester 1:
    Sept. 8th-Dec. 18th, 2020

    Trimester 2:
    Jan. 4th-March 18th, 2021

    Trimester 3:
    March 22nd-June 10th, 2021

    *Students are expected to complete each trimester they begin online before transferring back on-site.*


    Resources for Exact Path, Study Island and Reading Eggs (Edmentum Programs)

    Exact Path Student Orientation

    Exact Path Learning Guide

    Parent’s Guide to Exact Path

    Study Island Student Orientation

    Study Island Learning Guide

    Parent’s Guide to Study Island

    Reading Eggs Student Orientation

    Reading Eggs Learning Guide

    Parent’s Guide to Reading Eggs


    **Please remember that all students enrolled in the HSD#3 online platform must have access to adequate internet.**