• Hamilton High Driver's Education
    For the 2021-2022 school year Mr. Albert will be teaching Driver's Education during periods A4 & B4, both semesters.

    There is a limit of 24 students per class, for a total of 96 students enrolled in Driver's Ed this year. Unfortunately, even though the class is now offered during the school day, there is still a fee of $300 that must be paid to Hamilton High School (Mrs. Pitzinger in the office) before 1:00 p.m. on September 7th.

    Behind the wheel, instructors are Mr. Albert and Mr. Bonnes, but the majority of drives will be done by Mr. Bonnes after school and on weekends. You will sign up for your drive groups once payment is received.

    → Paperwork (state application) will be done in class by the student and completed by the parent/guardian with Mrs. Pitzinger in the main office.

    There will be a mandatory parent meeting at 6:30, on Monday, August 30th in the PAC. (This is for students taking the class THIS semester only.)

         **At least one guardian and the student should be in attendance. We realize you may have a conflict with this time, but we are required to hold this mandatory meeting by the state and there isn't a perfect evening. Please email Mr. Albert Monday, during the day, if there is simply no way a parent can attend. albertm@hsd3.org

    → All scheduling inquiries should go through the guidance and/or central offices.

    Follow the link below for lesson plans.