Senior Capstone Projects

All HHS Seniors are required to complete and present a Capstone Project that is based on their personal growth over the last four years.

Their topics should focus on current interests and passions, personal growth, and future growth and should be something that the students want to continue exploring and growing in after they complete high school.

The Capstone Project includes a tangible product or project which students create and present to an audience. The proposals are submitted and approved in Q2 with four checkpoints along the way. The final products are presented during the last week of Q3 in English class. 

Clayton Beale Capstone

Tommy Bender Capstone

Avery Bonnes Capstone

Brooklyn Brown Capstone

Andrew Burrows Capstone

Tegan Chapman Capstone

Ryanne Child Capstone Project

Aiden Clark Capstone Project

Cierra Cole Capstone

Madison Cornelison Capstone Project

Wyatt DeLong and Aaron Navarro Capstone Project

Toby DeMoss Capstone

Cole Dickemore Capstone Project

Christina Fulkerson Capstone

Sam Geroy Capstone

Ayda Griffin Capstone

Makenna Gundersen Capstone

Logan Harrison Capstone

Natalie Hawkes Capstone Project

Callie Hill Capstone Project

Emma. Hollingsworth Capstone

Miles Hughes Capstone

Wren Jensen Capstone

Ayslin Jessop Capstone Project

Kristen Jessop Capstone

Gabe Judy Capstone

Alexis Kaul


Wyatt Knox-Stamper Capstone Project

Lucas Lant Capstone Project

Haylee McKern Capstone Project

Eva Mclaren Capstone

Matthew Ochoa

Brody Oliver Capstone

Chasity Orpilla Capstone

Keana Patman. Capstone

Ellie Pearce Capstone

Andy Purcell Capstone

Emily Rau Capstone Project

Andrew Ricklefs Capstone Project

Julia Seifert

Jaxson Spencer Capstone

Alexis Treece Capstone

Anna Twardowski Capstone

Cystal Van Sickle Capstone Project

Philippe Vitse Capstone

Mya Winkler Capstone

Gwen Wolfe Capstone

Reegen Zolotuhina Capstone