Hamilton School District recognizes that Covid-19 infections are on the rise nationally and in Ravalli County.  Because the District no longer receives reports of confirmed Covid-19 infections among its student and staff population, it is not possible to contact trace in an accurate or timely manner.  

The District understands that families may wish to self-disclose Covid-19 infections when their students test positive.  For those families who wish to notify their child’s classroom of a positive Covid-19 infection, please note the following:

·      For families of children in the Early-K program, please email your student’s teacher requesting that the teacher forward your email notification to the class. 

·      For families of children in grades K through 5, please access your student’s Google Classroom platform to notify other parents in the class.

Due to the nature of student schedules and mobility in grades 6 through 12, it is not possible to accurately provide notification of positive Covid-19 cases by email to each potentially affected student.  Therefore, families who wish to self-disclose a positive Covid-19 infection in their student should follow the Ravalli Public Health Department’s guidance on self-contract tracing which can be found at: