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Bronc Sports fans! 👉 Check out the latest episode of Bronc Sports. Reporters Finn Dufresne and Kaden Carroll preview the 2023 winter season. https://youtu.be/2dGsV0HnlFk
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Check out the latest edition of BRONC News! https://youtu.be/ZzfVD6fRcLY
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HHS Daily Bulletin for Tuesday, 01/17
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As we look to the future it is important to keep our community up to date on the state of our facilities and programs. We are always grateful for our community and look forward to keeping you up to date as we work to provide the best for our kids, our schools, our town. https://youtu.be/L9P5MO2FJyc
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Check out our new SENIOR HIGHLIGHTS PAGE: https://www.hsd3.org/o/hhs/page/senior-highlights-page We are super proud of our seniors, and this page gives them a chance to share info about their high school careers and future plans! It's completely voluntary, but we hope more seniors fill out the survey soon!
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Students were cooking up a storm at Hamilton High School this week as students in the Advanced Culinary Arts class competed in the Food Truck Challenge! Check it out 👉 https://youtu.be/qib47Cti5Mc
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The annual Food Truck Competition for the HHS Advanced Culinary Arts Class is underway THIS week! 🥓 🥪 🍪 🌮 🍔
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Food Truck Competition
Food Truck Competition
Food Truck Competition
Food Truck Competition
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AP Art Student Sofia Lewanski: My name is Sofia Lewanski and I’m a senior in Hamilton High School’s AP Studio Art Class. I have always entertained my passion for creating, utilizing the programs and classes in my community and school to support my interests. I specialize in traditional art mediums to illustrate topics and concepts for which I feel vehement. My ideal form of painting consists of depicting scientific illustrations of nature that combine art with educational components. Additionally, in my sustained investigation for AP Studio Art, I have strived to delve further into a criticism of what threatens Earth’s environmental integrity. In my work, I focus on my own emotional responses to the climate crisis. I attempt to exemplify the indentured responsibility I feel I have to remedy the anthropogenic degradation of the environment. I want my paintings to invoke a desire to practice ecological stewardship. To me, art is an integral way to communicate complicated themes and human emotion.
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Sophie Lewanski Art